Top Best 10 Roomba VacuumsUpdated October 2021

About Roomba Vacuums

A robot vacuum is a useful tool that can make your home look as clean as possible. These small self-propelled vacuum cleaners move around your floor, picking up daily dirt and debris to minimize the amount of your regular cleaning work you have to do.

iRobot Roomba, one of the most popular brands of robot vacuum cleaners, which is also one of the original robotic vacuum models. And the name "Roomba", has become synonymous with the device itself. These small, powerful vacuum cleaners can keep your floor surface clean and tidy so that so you can spend more time on other works or take a moment for yourself.

However, it's important to understand the key points offered by each model before you buy a Roomba, so you can choose the right home appliance. Take a look at how the Roomba vacuum works. When the small disc-shaped vacuum make itself move around your home, a rotating brush is used to remove dirt and debris. Brushes on the aspect of the vacuum pull dirt under the Roomba, then the brushes beneath the device sweep the dirt into the suction-powered storage bin. With multiple onboard sensors, the Roomba can move around your home without bumping into walls, furniture or other obstacles.

So which Roomba is suitable for you? The primary key to selecting is to consider your floors. Whereas all Roomba vacuums can be used on carpets, hardwood, tiles, and other floors, some are more suitable for carpet than others.

If most of your floors are carpeted, select a Roomba with deep cleaning settings that you can more efficiently in sucking dirt from the fiber.

If you want to use the Roomba as your primary cleaning tool and use a regular vacuum cleaner every week, look for a more aerodynamic models that will remove dust and debris from the floor more effectively.

You also need to consider the woking time of the Roomba's battery before it runs out. you may need to choose a model with longer battery life, while your home is large.

Most Roombas run continuously for 60 to 120 minutes. Also, although all Roombas are designed to return to their charging station automatically when the battery is low, if you don't want to reset it to clean after charging, choose a model with a recovery function that it begin to wok from where it returned before.

Other issues should be consided include: untangled rollers, perfect for families with pets; high efficiency filter, help to obviate allergens; multi-room cleaning, can be equipped to work in each room; and custom cleaning preferences, allow you to set Roomba according to your specifications.

Roomba vacuum cleaners cost between $375 and $900.  Although with so many features, it will not diffult to select the suitable model for your home.